Operator of the underground gas storage facility

Process of natural gas storage

Connecting lines

The natural gas that is injected/withdrawn into/from the underground storage facility flows through a very high pressure DN 700 PN 80 gas pipeline. The pipeline connects the facility to the Brodské metering station (approximately 30 kilometres away). The Brodské metering station serves for the custody metering of gas quantity and quality, and the whole gas pipeline is connected at that point to the Slovak gas network (eustream a.s.).

Wells and their equipment

Very high pressure feed lines with a total length of approximately 10 kilometres bring natural gas to the well areas. Natural gas is injected and withdrawn using 27 wells located in 15 areas. They were drilled as vertical or inclined wells, and two of them are horizontal.

Gas injection equipment

Three compressors each with a capacity of 1.2 to 2 million cubic metres per day; their injection pressure amounts up to 21 MPa.

Gas withdrawal equipment

Two parallel withdrawal lines each with a capacity of 4.5 million cubic metres per day.

Gas storage process

Gas storage process